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E-Cursos IPPMig: Migrações, Políticas Públicas e Direitos Humanos

Aprimore sua jornada acadêmica e profissional com os E-Cursos IPPMig. Assista a aulas ao vivo e acesse gravações de qualquer lugar para compreender e refletir sobre migrações, políticas públicas e direitos humanos.

The Institute of Public Migration Policies (IPPMI) aims to transform the reality of migration and public policies in Brazil, through articulations, public policies, dialogues, courses, training and advocacy.

The aim is to promote and strengthen the elaboration and implementation of public migration policies that have hospitality, integration and participation as pillars, as a way of creating a participatory, plural, democratic space in favor of human rights.

The IPPMI arises from the perspectives and transformations regarding the migratory reality in Brazil, as the scenario has been increasingly permeated by difficulties that often prevent migrants from accessing existing public policies or guaranteeing their rights, such as such as: lack of migration data; lack of training for public servants and agents who work directly and indirectly with this population; absence of specific public policies; lack of normative and documentation knowledge; increase in xenophobia and other forms of discrimination, which lead to the expansion of existing vulnerabilities.


IPPMI proposes to contribute to the elaboration and implementation of public policies; articulation with the main actors; conducting courses, training and events, as a way of guaranteeing access to public policies and rights by migrants. A continuous process of (de)construction that is intended to be carried out jointly, with the public authorities, institutions, civil society organizations, researchers and, above all, migrants, who must be the protagonists of the processes incumbent on them.

Thus, IPPMI is at the forefront and available to fight for public migration policies and the transformation of the existing reality.


For more information about IPPMI, send an email follow us on social media: Instagram@institutopmi| Facebook@institutopmi













Ilustração_Sem_Título (2).jpeg

The IPPMI logo and art were made by artist Aline Roesler, in 2021, with the aim of uniting all the Institute's fronts of action with something that all human beings in the world have in common:

a fingerprint.


A symbol that can be seen as a simple fingerprint, but which is unique to each person. The chosen colors represent skin tones, symbolizing all ethnicities, equality and non-discrimination. The "blank spaces" give life to the paths to be followed by migrants around the world, as well as the cyclical idea of public policies (design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation).

A logo that represents much more than a fingerprint, it demonstrates the paths, cycles and (dis)constructions, aiming at a more plural, participatory, democratic and hospitable world.


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