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O Instituto de Policies Public Migrations (IPPMI) arises from questions and perspectives of transforming reality about the issue of migration and public policies. It has as one of its main objectives the guarantee for the elaboration, implementation and monitoring of public migration policies, articulating a network action and in favor of dialogues. Much more than correlating theoretical debates with practice, IPPMI intends to act in the processes of (de)construction, guaranteeing participation, integration and democratic effectiveness, as a way of guaranteeing the right to have rights and unconditional hospitality. IPPMI if  puts you at the forefront and available to fight for public migration policies and the transformation of the existing reality.



The idea of creating an Institute that would dialogue with the theme of migration and public policies, aiming at the (de)construction of consistent public actions and policies, has been urgent in the Brazilian scenario for many years. In this way, based on the existing difficulties and challenges regarding the subject, as well as the academic and professional experiences shared over the years between researchers, colleagues, migrants and professionals in the areas that work with migrations, there was a need to create a Institute that could assist in the construction of public policies and other actions. 


Since 2020, IPPMI has been designed and structured, with each front of action being developed with great caution and expectations of transformation. So, andn March 2021, IPPMI effectively emerged on a practical level, starting its activities in April. There are several ideas, projects and plans for IPPMI, and we believe that this is just the beginning of a work that will bear fruit in favor of migration and public migration policies in Brazil.  

IPPMI is a social impact business, that is, it aims to transform reality through social impact. A form of entrepreneurship aimed at sustainable and social development, aiming at results and impacts on the existing reality, as a way of creating a space for transformation, generating opportunities and the development of public migration policies, providing a participatory, democratic, transversal and hospitable space.  





IPPMI was created based on questions and changing perspectives on the reality of migration and public policies in Brazil, by its founder Isabella Traub. The issue of migration has been with her since before entering the university and starting to effectively research the topic. Isabella believes that small actions are capable of changing the world, making it more egalitarian, democratic and hospitable. Its purpose is to transform reality and it believes that one of the ways to achieve this end is through public policies and the constant (de)construction of theoretical-practical dialogues. For this reason, over the years he has been dedicating himself to research on public policies and migration, with the aim of transforming reality and providing more participatory, inclusive, democratic and transversal spaces, capable of changing the world.


Master in Law from the Federal University of Paraná (UFPR), which resulted in the dissertation: "Public Migration Policy: processes of interiorization, hospitality, integration, participation and democracy". "Graduated in Law from Centro Universitário Curitiba, whose thesis was on migration related to public policies, with the title: "Comparison of sufficiency/insufficiency of public reception policies in Curitiba: the case of Syrians"._cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ Isabella, actively participates in the State Council for the Rights of Refugees, Migrants and Stateless Persons of the State of Paraná (CERMA/PR), having contributed to the elaboration of the 2022-2024 State Plan. of Human Rights Support of the Public Prosecutor's Office of the State of Paraná, in the implementation of rights and public policies for migrants, refugees and stateless persons. He is also a member of the Center for Studies in International Human Rights Systems  (NESIDH ) and the Migration Policy Program and the Brazilian University, in the Refúgio, Migração e Hospitalidade project, both from UFPR. 

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O IPPMig é um negócio de impacto social que visa a construção de políticas públicas e a integração de pessoas migrantes por meio da educação e de ações para advocacy.

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