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IPPMI has the“Theoretical-practical dialogues”as one of its fronts, precisely because it understands the importance of disseminating and exchanging knowledge about the most diverse areas. For this reason, and as a way of strengthening the space for dialogue, dissemination of information, exchanges, analyses, experience reports, this blog appears with the aim of promoting dialogue and a reflective and practical analysis on migrations, public policies, human rights and related issues.  


Papers can be submitted in Portuguese, Spanish and English to the following email


Formal aspects and requirements:

The content to be published on the IPMMI Blog must comply with the following aspects:

  • Any person, institution, organization or entity may contribute;

  • The material must be sent in word format document to the, containing the following information in the body of the e-mail: name of the author, brief curriculum to be made available with the publication, authorization for publication;

  • Publications must contain a maximum of 2,000 words;

  • Publications must have references at the end of the page, and these are not included in the previously established limit;

  • The publications must have images related to the theme, and the author must take into account the respect for copyright;

  • The content to be published must be committed to truthfulness, clarity and quality;

  • IPPMI is not responsible for the content of publications, reserving the right not to publish content that does not respect the established principles and criteria.

Review and approval:

IPPMI has an Editorial Committee made up of specialists in the aforementioned areas. The Committee will be responsible for reviewing the content and approving the publications within a period of up to 15 days from the receipt of the material. In omitted cases, the decision for publication will be in charge of the management of IPPMI.

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