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IPPMI has the“Theoretical-practical dialogues”as one of its fronts, precisely because it understands the importance of education and exchange of knowledge about the most diverse areas. For this reason, and as a way of strengthening the space for dialogue, dissemination of information, exchanges, analyses, experience reports, this space has the compilation and dissemination of books, articles, regulations, international and internal judgments.


In addition, IPPMI has ablogaimed at publishing brief articles on migration, public policies, human rights and related topics.  

To streamline the exchange of information and knowledge, IPPMI also has a podcast, with the aim of presenting dialogues and reflections on the theme in a relaxed and practical way.


IPPMI understands that dialogues are fundamental for the construction of public policies, as well as for reflection and knowledge about the theoretical and practical aspects that permeate the theme. 


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