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Promote and strengthen the development of public policies aimed at migration, as a way of guaranteeing access to existing policies and creating a participatory, democratic and hospitable space, acting in the process of elaboration, implementation and monitoring of public policies, defense of rights, participation and integration.




To be a reference institution for strategic actions aimed at public migration policies and the defense of rights.




The objective of the Institute of Public Migration Policies is to articulate and act in favor of public migration policies. In addition to:


  • Develop and implement migration public policies that allow migrants to participate in the processes that are their responsibility and in the spaces of the city.

  • Accompanying and monitoring public policies aimed at migration in its most diverse segments as a way of verifying effectiveness and scope.

  • Articulate with the Government, institutions, entities, organizations, migrants, refugees and other interested parties, the creation and development of a network action.

  • Elaborate projects focused on the migratory issue as a way of implementing public policies;

  • Strengthen existing mechanisms and spaces for dialogue focused on public policies and migration.

  • Promote training and research on public policies and migration, with the aim of improving the work carried out.

  • Act in favor of defending and guaranteeing the rights and protections of migrants and access to public policies.

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